Balkan Update

June 18, 1993

Muslims, Croats and Serbs battled on different fronts, showing no sign that they were preparing for the U.N.-brokered truce slated to take effect today. In the area of VITEZ, Muslims and Croats fought with mortars, recoilless rifles and machineguns.

Croat forces in central Bosnia took hostage four Muslims working for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

International mediators in GENEVA urged Bosnia's Muslim-led government to acknowledge its losing position and accept Serb-Croat proposals to divide Bosnia into three ethnic zones.

In WASHINGTON, State Department spokesman Mike McCurry said that even though the United Nations is having trouble implementing its planned six safe areas for Muslim civilians, the United States is ready now to provide air defense for U.N. peacekeepers in Bosnia if asked to do so.

In the self-styled Serb Republic of KRAJINA in Croatia, a British former army sergeant, Graham John Noble, 27, has been charged with spying for Croatia.

In BONN, Germany, Radio Free Europe said it had received the go-ahead from Washington to turn its transmitters toward former Yugoslavia.

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