'Sleepless' scenes from Baltimore

June 18, 1993|By Jean Marbella

"Sleepless in Seattle" begins with a scene in a cemetery, and the camera pulls back to show the skyline of a city on the water. Baltimore? Not unless the John Hancock Building was relocated from Chicago.

Baltimore turns up soon enough. Here are some of the local scenes:

Fells Point: Where Meg Ryan's character, Annie Reed, lives. In lTC one scene she sits on a bench by the water, and in the background you can see the Recreation Pier, which was used as the police department in the TV series "Homicide."

The Sun Building: Where Annie works. The red brick exterior gets exposure, but those interiors -- the pretty, light-filled offices -- are not the real thing.

Mount Vernon: Annie and her editor walk past the Mount Vernon United Methodist Church and the Washington Monument en route to lunch at . . .

The Woman's Industrial Exchange: This classic tea room, and everyone's favorite waitress, 92-year-old Marguerite Schertle (who attended the screening) are featured.

Peabody Conservatory Library: Seen as Annie visits her brother, a musicologist.

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