Businesses, unions disagree on strike billThe semiannual...


June 18, 1993|By Kim Clark | Kim Clark,Staff Writer

Businesses, unions disagree on strike bill

The semiannual survey of 600 Maryland companies found that

businesses in the Washington suburbs were stronger.

CFOs of companies in the Maryland suburbs of the capital said they expected to finish June with 3 percent more employees than they had in March.

Treasury professionals receive larger raises

Remember the skeptic's golden rule? "Those with the gold make the rules."

In business, maybe there should be a treasury rule: "Those ruling the treasury get more treasure."

The latest survey of treasury professionals found that people in jobs ranging from chief financial officer to cash manager or financial analyst got raises averaging 6.9 percent last year -- more than double the average American worker's raise.

The Bethesda-based Treasury Management Association found that average earnings of treasury professionals nationwide hit $59,032 last year.

But the amount of lucre the professionals earned varied according to industry, job title and gender, the survey found.

Bankers earned a little less than cash managers in other types of companies, for example. And financial analysts, the lowest-ranked title examined, earned an average of $38,294 last year.

But, the survey noted, the average male CFO earned nearly $106,000 last year. That was $22,500 more than the average female CFO's paycheck of about $83,500.

For a job, check out companies in turmoil

Want to lessen the competition for your job hunt? Apply wherever you see other people leaving, says one job search consultant.

James E. Challenger, of the Chicago outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, says too many people overlook opportunities at companies in turmoil.

For people who have expertise in financing, marketing or operations and who are willing to take big risks, a troubled company may be just the ticket.

Companies suffering rapid turnover, stock sell-offs or even bad publicity need help immediately -- and often won't "quibble about money if they find someone they think can turn the company around," Mr. Challenger says.

DEED has resume bank for recent graduates

The state Department of Economic and Employment Development has started a resume bank for recent college graduates.

Employers can request free faxed summaries of all the resume on file at DEED, and then can order any individual resume by fax also.

New graduates who want to list their resumes should call thei local job service office. Employers interested in ordering the service can call (301) 840-2900.

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