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June 17, 1993|By Lisa Respers | Lisa Respers,Contributing Writer

Peter Pan may not really fly through the air, but Winfield Elementary School's production soars along quite nicely.

Yesterday, the third-graders gave the rest of the school a sneak preview at the dress rehearsal for "Peter Pan" of what parents will be seeing tonight.

Some parents could not wait for their performance.

"I came out to video for some of the moms who can't be here for the dress rehearsal," said Nancy Moeller, whose daughter Nichol, 8, is playing one of the Lost Boy twins.

Debbie McDonald stood clutching her video camera next to Mrs. Moeller. Her son, 8-year-old Mitch, is a second-grader in the chorus. She came out a day early "for my son, of course!"

The play consists of six acts, and the children have been practicing since mid-May to make sure their performances are perfect. Third-grade teachers Denise Johnson, Lisa Fern, Pam Kempa and Rhonda Harrison have been working closely with the students.

"The third-grade teachers are so good with the kids," said Sue Bergmann. Mrs. Bergmann's daughter Brittany, 8, is playing Tinkerbell.

Mrs. Bergmann works in the school's cafeteria, where the children have been rehearsing. She and the other kitchen staff have had the opportunity to watch the students progress.

"The kids have been doing a great job," said Karen Aune, one of Mrs. Bergmann's co-workers. "I've been really impressed."

The students have done quite a bit of work, and it shows.

"I can't wait till it's over," said Meredith Heinen, 9, who plays Mrs. Darling. "It's so much work."

Everyone was enlisted for the production. Parents came to help with set design, costumes and makeup.

Stephanie Clark, 8, doesn't mind having a mustache drawn on, even though she doesn't exactly feel a close connection with the character she plays -- Captain Hook.

"I tried out for the exact opposite," said Stephanie. "I tried out for Peter Pan. I don't really like Captain Hook."

Laura Allred, 9, plays the eternal little boy, Peter Pan.

"We had to sing, practice singing, and talk to the teachers," Laura said. "I liked it when Tink got stuck in the box and I had to let her out."

"I didn't like the lights," she added. "They were hot."

There will be a performance of "Peter Pan" for parents at 7:30 tonight in the cafeteria of Winfield Elementary School, 4401 Salem Bottom Road. Admission is free.

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