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A snare drum explodes, releasing a musical staff. A variety of musical instruments and musical notes dot its lines. The staff circles the Earth, then shoots into a deep blue space.

Music is the universal language for band members at Northwest Middle School in Taneytown.

So the graduating eighth-grade music students are leaving a mural painted on the wall outside the music room as a gift to the school.

Richard Stimmel, the school's band director, approached the band last fall with idea for a mural.

The students drew their own perceptions of what the mural should look like. Voting was conducted by the band council, and eighth-grader Sarah Peer's drawing was chosen. It depicted a musical staff circling the Earth.

Drummer Scott Straley felt it could be improved with the staff exploding out of a snare drum, so that was added. A person singing on the staff lines represents the chorus.

"It's neat, because it will always be here as long as the school is here. It's neat because I can say I did the actual sketch," said Sarah.

Nicole Keffer, Emily Garner, Amy Houck and other band members have worked two days a week for several months to complete the mural, said Mr. Stimmel.

Pam Gowen, a retired art teacher from the Frederick school system and parent of a fifth-grader at the school, has been instructing the students.

"I'm just the coordinator," she laughed. "The kids are the ones in charge."

Ms. Gowen said she is pleased with the progress the girls made in a short time and that they have shown commitment to the project.

"It's been a new experience for me to work with the girls," she said. "It's been very rewarding and fulfilling."

"It was hard work, but it was worth it," Nicole said. She and other girls said the mural allowed them to complete part of a requirement of 60 hours of community service they need to graduate.

"It's neat to be the first eighth grade to leave a mural on the wall and to leave something behind," said Emily. "When we're older, we can come back to see it."

The mural was scheduled for completion by June 24, when school ends and the eighth-grade class graduates, but that is no longer the case.

The band members have chosen to dedicate the mural to the memory of Christy Lee Glacken, a peer who died in a car accident May 16 in Adams County, Pa. The clarinet and rose Christy was painting will remain unfinished, and a plaque with her picture has been mounted on the mural as a memorial.


The Frederick Country and Western Dance Association (FCWDA) will hold a country-western dance Saturday at the Union Bridge Fire Hall.

Dance lessons will be held at 7:30 p.m. The dance will begin at 8:30 p.m. and last until 12:30 a.m. Tickets are $5, available at the door.

Set-ups and a cash bar will be available.

The fire hall is at 8 W. Locust St.


Country gospel singer Roy Poole will headline this year's Strawberry Festival at Linwood Brethren Church in Linwood.

The festival will be held from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday on the

church grounds at 575 McKinstry's Mill Road, off Route 75 between Union Bridge and New Windsor.

Other events include games for kids, pony rides, wagon rides, a flea market, a craft table and a cake sale.

The Alesia Band will perform at 5 p.m. The band will promenade participants in a cake walk, a version of musical chairs in which the winner is chosen with a broom handle and a cake prize is awarded.

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