West County

June 17, 1993

County police charge man in attempted robbery of 25 cents

A man who police say tried to strangle a fast-food restaurant worker after unsuccessfully demanding 25 cents was being held without bail yesterday at the Howard County Detention Center.

Raymond Matthew Gradishar, 32, of the 7500 block of Weatherworn Way was arrested by police Tuesday and charged with attempted robbery.

According to Howard County police, Mr. Gradishar entered a McDonald's restaurant in the 8600 block of Guilford Road about 7 p.m. Tuesday, grabbed an employee and demanded a quarter.

When Mr. Gradishar did not receive the money, he began shaking the employee before leaving the restaurant, according to reports by witnesses.

Police said another employee tried to lock the door to prevent Mr. Gradishar from re-entering, but he forced his way back in and began to choke the worker, threatening to kill people in the restaurant.

Police said restaurant patrons and employees detained Mr. Gradishar until officers arrived.

Liquor Board grants license to Luffy

The Howard County Liquor Board voted Tuesday to grant a liquor license to the mother of a woman who was forced to surrender it because the woman is a convicted felon.

Although the board's vote was unanimous, the decree will not become official until members sign a decision and order sometime within the next 30 days. Members may change their vote before signing a decision and order, but none is expected to do so.

The vote follows an April 27 ruling that Robyn Maisel, former owner of Lisbon Liquors on Frederick Road, must surrender her license because of a felony conviction in connection with her work at the National Security Agency.

Ms. Maisel told the board during a routine license renewal hearing April 27 that she was not guilty of a crime and that she was sure her conviction would be overturned on appeal.

"The government said I was using government equipment to devise a bar code system for the store, but I was trying to develop a bar code system for the government," Ms. Maisel said at the time.

Ms. Maisel told the board that her mother, Mae P. Luffy, was buying the business after having run it for the past four years.

The board said Ms. Luffy must apply for a new license within five days, which she did as the new owner.

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