Might Perot run in 1996 as Republican?Would you believe...

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June 16, 1993

Might Perot run in 1996 as Republican?

Would you believe Republican Ross Perot vs. Democrat Bill Clinton in 1996? Forget Mr. Perot's disingenuous denial. No egomaniac works that hard or spends so much of his own money without coveting a powerful position and a place in history.

Since he knows he can't replace a sitting president, and he's already tried the third party route, the only realistic avenue left to Mr. Perot is capturing the Republican nomination.

If he can deliver more than 15 percent of all voters while Republican midgets (with names like Quayle, Kemp, Buchanan and Dole) divide the opposition, his strategy is not far-fetched.

A billionaire populist candidate, an oxymoron if ever there was one, who has been described as puritanical, paranoid and tyrannical, is no more bizarre than a long list of other colorful characters in our political history.

But it's troubling that Mr. Perot has never been elected dog-catcher or to a school board, nor has he spent his career in public service roles that would have exposed him to the important subtleties of democratic governance.

He performed well when he owned and directed a business, but Ensign Perot wanted out of the U.S. Navy because sailors used salty language, and when he wasn't able to get his way at IBM and General Motors, he took his marbles and left.

On the one hand, Perot's temperament and his lack of experience and credentials for the world's most difficult job would seem to eliminate him as a serious candidate.

On the other, reluctance by the media or either political party to openly challenge him make Perot exactly that -- a serious candidate.

Roger C. Kostmayer


Clinic violence

Joseph Lerner's June 6 letter deals with vandalism and violence at abortion clinics.

Any vandalism is regretable. However, Mr. Lerner's figure of $1.5 million in damage to clinics is less than one-third of 1 percent of the total "take" of the $500 million a year U.S. abortion industry.

As to violence, for every clinic staffer threatened by a fanatic (the latter are strongly condemned by all authentic pro-lifers), there are probably 100 peaceful, pro-life protesters who are physically manhandled, arrested and denied their First Amendment rights to lawfully protest.

But what about the violence inside the clinics? What about the post-abortion trauma suffered by the living victims of abortion? What about the life-ending violence done to the 1.5 million unborn babies each year?

These numbers are equivalent to a Nazi Holocaust every four years. We have suffered the equivalent of five abortion holocausts since the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973.

This is horrible by anyone's standards. It is what motivates the prayers and protests of all the millions who believe nothing is more precious than human life. When will our nation wake up?

oseph A. Frese


Unjust plea

Am I missing something? I read a fairly short article in the June 8 newspaper about a 43-year-old man from Crownsville who savagely beat his wife for three to four days straight.

He admitted to hitting her 25 times on one breast, then 25 times on the other, before rolling her over and hitting her on the buttocks.

The beating was so severe that she spent 10 days in the hospital and our state's attorney "plea bargains" for only an 18-month sentence! Furthermore, "attempted murder" charges are dropped.

My question is, "How many days more would she have to be beaten to get this beast locked up for 20 years?"

But of course, with our wonderful legal system at work so efficiently, perhaps he might only serve six months with allowances for "good behavior." Then he can be released on society . . .

Pardon the sarcasm, but this article made me sick. How can a civilized society tolerate this so-called justice? Please have someone explain.

P. Joan McGhee

Severna Park

Flip cartoon insults public servants

Your Other Voices cartoon June 4 advised graduates that: " . . . many of you were admitted only to fill a quota; . . . were encouraged to major in non-sensible [courses]; and [were] given artificially inflated grades . . ."

The cartoon conclusion, that these graduates are basically unemployable except in government, was truly insulting.

Tens of thousands of dedicated state employees are not laughing at either your premise or your punch line. It puts a new spin on the myth that government employment is a haven for the incompetent and dim-witted.

These "unemployable" people whom you smear staff our hospitals, patrol our highways, teach our children, protect our environment, test our food, ensure pure water and build our highways.

Countless others perform jobs which make it possible for the private sector to operate and society to function.

Are these jobs make-believe? Is the cartoonist suggesting that the physical dangers faced by public safety and correctional employees are not real?

Or that the stresses faced by human service workers are imaginary? Or that a highly skilled scientist testing human blood or other samples is not adequately trained?

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