Balkan Update

June 16, 1993

Gen. Ratko Mladic of the Bosnian Serb forces gave permission for United Nations observers to enter GORAZDE today. The town has been under intense Serbian attack, even though it is one of six "safe zones" for Muslims declared by the U.N. Security Council.

The military chiefs of Bosnia's three warring factions signed a cease-fire agreement in SARAJEVO covering the entire republic.

Political leaders of Bosnia's warring factions and neighboring Serbia and Croatia headed to GENEVA for talks with international mediators, starting today, to settle the conflicts.

The United Nations suspended its aid airlift for the second time in a week because of reported anti-aircraft fire on the approach to the SARAJEVO airport. No planes were hit.

In VIENNA, delegates at the World Human Rights Conference broke with their goal of not focusing on individual nations' problems and gave a standing ovation to a Bosnian leader's plea for a besieged Muslim town.

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