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June 15, 1993

Jessup man convicted in burglary

A Jessup man accused in a rash of area burglaries -- including several in the Mount Airy area -- has been found guilty of burglarizing a West Friendship home and taking frozen food from the house.

Rory Wade Leftwich, 24, of the 8200 block of Wellington Place, was convicted of burglary and theft by a Howard Circuit Court jury last Wednesday. He was acquitted of daytime house-breaking and two other theft counts.

Leftwich was convicted of taking frozen meat, frozen vegetables, a recycling bin and door opener from a house in the 3200 block of Parliament Place on July 21, 1992.

The defendant has five pending cases, which cover 20 burglaries in Clarksville, Fulton, Highland, Mount Airy and West Friendship last summer. Twelve of the Mount Airy burglaries occurred on July 22.

Leftwich faces 16 burglary counts, 16 house-breaking counts, 37 theft counts and five attempted-theft counts, according to court records.

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