FROM the June issue of American Libraries:"It's nice to be...


June 14, 1993

FROM the June issue of American Libraries:

"It's nice to be wanted, but this is ridiculous. The mayor's office in Chicago sent out a press release May 6 announcing the appointment of Carla Hayden to the prestigious post of city library commissioner. No problem with that -- except that Hayden was simultaneously being named director of the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore.

"By May 11, the office of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley had taken the blame for the foul-up, saying the press release was a mistake but maintaining that Hayden, who is currently Chicago Public Library deputy commissioner/chief librarian, had not made a final decision about leaving CPL and might be persuaded to stay.

"The erroneous release even contained a quote from Hayden exclaiming about what a privilege it was 'to be able to direct this wonderful library system.' While it is not unusual for public relations offices to create quotes for press releases, it is customary to clear them with the person to whom they are being attributed.

"Averil Kadis, Pratt public relations officer, told AL that Hayden had seen the press release before the news hit the papers and had warned her that it had been issued without her knowledge.

"Kadis assured AL that there was no doubt about Hayden's appointment, which had been formally announced in Baltimore May 10. 'Carla Hayden is our new director,' she said, 'starting no later than July 1. She accepted the position Friday afternoon, May 7, and is probably in the air as we speak.' On her way to Baltimore for a heavy schedule of meetings and social functions, Hayden could not be reached for comment.

"According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, Hayden had always been the mayor's first choice for the job, but the library board had been hedging on appointing her. The post has been vacant for nearly a year, since the resignation of John Duff.

"Hayden had been in the running for the Baltimore job since last November, and it was offered on May 4, at a top salary of $89,000, comparable to her current salary. The Chicago commissioner's position is salaried at $103,704."

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