Melissa Phelps, 17, daughter of Roland and Virginia Phelps...


June 14, 1993

Melissa Phelps, 17, daughter of Roland and Virginia Phelps of Carroll Dale Drive in Eldersburg.

School: Junior at Liberty High School.

Honored for: Creating a poster chosen by the Maryland Psychiatric Association to promote Mental Health Awareness Week in the fall.

In addition to Melissa's getting her artwork posted statewide in schools and stores, she received a check for $100.

Her black-and-white painting depicts a man sitting on the edge of a bridge.

"It's really dreary looking," she said, and evokes a feeling of depression.

Goals: To go to college and pursue a career as a commercial artist.

Comments: Melissa was inspired to paint the poster because she has a friend who has problems with depression.

"There should be a week" for mental health awareness, she said. "A lot of the time when people think about mental illness, they think about schizophrenia. That is a problem, but there are also depressives, seasonal depressives and all kinds of problems."

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