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June 14, 1993

Bike patrol charges man with drunken driving

An Odenton man was charged with driving while intoxicated Saturday night after officers on bicycles said he led them on a chase down Ritchie Highway in Brooklyn Park.

Officers Michael Belcher and Eric Gennett were on routine bicycle patrol when they said they saw a blue pickup truck heading south on Route 2 turn into the Brooklyn Park Shopping Center at a high speed with tires squealing.

The officers said they approached the driver and asked to see his license, but he ignored them.

When they repeated themselves, the man allegedly answered, "Yeah, right," and raced out of the parking lot.

The officers broadcast a description of the truck to others who found it and followed it to Doris Avenue, where police said they saw the man park the truck and walk away.

Police arrested Gerald Brooks Turner Jr., 31, of the 400 block of Oakton Road.

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