Fritts, Harrell take tournament titles at Thunderhead


June 13, 1993|By DON VITEK

Thunderhead Westminster conducted its Bowler of the Year tournament last weekend -- a pins-over-average format for the first three placers in the Bowler of the Month tournaments that are held during the fall/winter season.

Because Thunderhead is a split house, duckpins and tenpins, a champion is crowned in each sport.

Jamie Fritts captured the tenpin title and Rick Stallings was runner-up.

John Harrell won the duckpin crown and Oly Hooper took second place.

Fritts moved to Finksburg last September just in time to join the fall/winter bowling season at Thunderhead.

"I've been bowling, off and on, since I was a teen-ager," Fritts said. "Last year at Ritchie [a bowling center in Anne Arundel County], I carried an average over 170, but this year with moving and getting married and bowling in another house I dropped down to 161.

"Last year was just horrible for bowling but next year that average will go back up where it belongs!"

Fritts was using a 13-pound Blue Hammer ball but has switched to a 14-pound Bobcat. Using the Blue Hammer, she shot a career high game of 265 and a high series of 596.

"I must have thrown that 596 four different times," she said. "I just can't seem to get over the hump when it comes to a 600 set."

Fritts pounded out a 555 series in the Bowler of the Year tournament, throwing a last game of 248 to post a score that was 72 pins over average.

Stallings, born and reared in Carroll County, lives in Westminster and bowls in nine leagues during the fall/winter season. During the summer he cuts down.

"During the hot months I only bowl in four tenpin leagues," Stallings said, "And just one duckpin league."

He does all of his bowling at Thunderhead Westminster; his tenpin average is 168, in duckpins, it's 121. Owner of a tenpin high game of 278 and high series of 655, he favors a Black Hammer and a Columbia U-Dot, both weighing 16 pounds.

In the Bowler of the Year tenpin tournament he fired games of 182, 164 and 209 for a solid 555 series.

Harrell, 23, has been bowling duckpins in just one league, on Tuesday at Thunderhead.

He's carrying a 115 average and has a high game of 192 and high series of 455.

"I've made a lot friends in the center, the camaraderie you find in bowling is rare in sports," Harrell said. "It's what makes the game great."

In the Bowler of the Year tournament, he tossed games of 139, 154 and 132 for a 425 series; that's 80 pins over average and was good for a two-pin victory over Hooper.

Hooper started bowling last September when friends asked him to join a league at Thunderhead. One league per week is about all that he could fit into his schedule. A college student who will enter Western Maryland next fall, he's also a substitute teacher in the Carroll County system.

In his first year of duckpin bowling Hooper carried a 113 average and had a high game of 186 and high set of 448. As runner-up to Harrell, he posted games of 107, 135 and then a superb 175 game to come within three pins of victory.

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