75 Years Ago* The automobile has reached such a stage of...


June 13, 1993|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

75 Years Ago

* The automobile has reached such a stage of perfection in recent years as to be considered a safe and reliable means of travel when given plenty of oil to supply the chug-chug machinery. True, there are breaks which are comparatively rare, while tire troubles are quickly repaired wherever they occur. Realizing the many advantages of this mode of travel, two of our citizens set out for Baltimore a little over a week ago. All went well -- plenty of oil, no breaks, no tire troubles, until home was almost in sight, then a new trouble arose. The heavy rain during the afternoon caused streams to overflow their banks and while crossing the stream midway between the State Road and Uniontown, the water became too deep for the regulation low wheel and the mechanism suddenly refused to work. With water nearly waist-deep and the shades of night coming on, it was unanimously agreed that if the machine could be gotten to higher ground, free from floating fence rails and other debris, the situation would be more comfortable. Accordingly, a plan was agreed upon, to get out and push the machine to terra firma, which they did in an abbreviated form of garb. Then, after a little work, the machine was started and carried them to a point near Linwood, where the stream was also very much swollen and fearing a recurrence of the experience they had a short time before, they decided not to attempt to cross but near morning the waters receded and they reached home. Further details of this eventful trip can doubtless be gotten from either Harry Stitley or Edward Rinehart.

-- The Pilot, May 31, 1918.

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