Pets primp and preen at Piney Run Park show Children help fund programs

June 13, 1993|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,Staff Writer

The rats wore ruffles.

A Great Dane wore a wig and granny glasses. And a 16-pound male cat wore a dress.

"I think he's embarrassed," said Betty Six of Eldersburg, whose 5-year-old daughter Tracey held the cat, Lucky, on a leash.

When the tiger cat didn't fit into a size 4 girls' bathing suit, the family resorted to a pink dress and white bonnet for the costume category of the competition, Mrs. Six said. Lucky took second place. The cat also won first place in the largest cat category.

"He's a loveable cat when we're not doing this to him," Mrs. Six said.

About 45 animals competed in the seventh annual Children's Pet Show at Piney Run Park for children ages 5 to 14. A goat tried to eat the flags around the show ring. A ferret wore a straw hat. Turtles came in cardboard boxes. Dogs sported clothes, and bows adorned cats.

Then there were the two rats.

"They're gentler than gerbils and hamsters. They cuddle together and watch out for each other. They wash each other," said Carla Lucas of Eldersburg, who brought her two daughters -- and their rats.

The rats stayed cool amid the commotion. They perched on their owners' shoulders, their tails clinging to the girls' backs, twitching their noses and shifting their beady eyes.

Sniffy, a black and white rodent wearing yellow and blue ruffles, belonged to 8-year-old Tess Lucas. Licks, white with pink eyes and pink and yellow ruffles, belonged to 6-year-old Anna Lucas. They won third place in the costume category for miscellaneous animals.

In the dog ring, 8-year-old Jessica Ganske of Westminster and her Great Dane, Maggie, could have been on a tryout for the stupid pet tricks segment of "Late Night with David Letterman" -- if only Maggie had worn the wig and glasses and snatched the dog biscuit off her nose at the same time.

As it was, Jessica and Maggie took first place in the costume category as Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. Maggie was the wolf, wearing a gray and black wig, granny glasses, a white sweater and pink nightgown.

They tied for third place in the best trick category with the biscuit talent. And 130-pound Maggie took first place in the largest dog contest.

A white poodle with brown spots won first place in the smallest dog category. Maddie, standing 9 1/2 inches tall and weighing about 4 pounds, belongs to 8-year-old Alex Butler of Eldersburg.

Dogs also won prizes for the most spots, best groomed, longest tail, longest ears and saddest face. Cats won for the longest fur, most unusual look and prettiest eyes.

Children paid an entry fee of 50 cents per pet, show chairwoman Dot Sumey said. The money raised goes to the Piney Run Recreation Council and will be used for programs at the park, she said.

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