Balkan Update

June 13, 1993

In SARAJEVO, the United Nations commander for Bosnia, Lt. Gen. Philippe Morillon, warned that the republic is plunging into "total chaos" and that U.N. soldiers might have to be withdrawn. A mortar slams into a funeral at a Muslim cemetery, killing eight people.

The UNITED NATIONS halted overland aid deliveries after Croats attacked a convoy bound for Tuzla.

Fighting between Bosnian Croats and the mostly Muslim Bosnian army resumed near TRAVNIK. The Bosnian Serbs continued an offensive against Gorazde.

In a new bid for peace, international mediators Lord Owen of the European Community and Thorvald Stoltenberg of the United Nations headed to ZAGREB, Croatia, to meet with Bosnian Croat leader Mate Boban and Croatian President Franjo Tudjman.

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