From The Sun June 13-19, 1843* June 13: By the politeness...


June 13, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun June 13-19, 1843

* June 13: By the politeness of the host of the Monument House, we have been enabled to test the quality of some pickled shad, caught at the mouth of the Susquehanna River, and put up at Carpenter's Point, by Mr. George H. Dutton, of Pratt Street.

*June 19: A gentleman and lady in a carriage, well nigh met with a very serious accident on Saturday morning last in coming out of the grounds of the Green Mount Cemetery. The horse in descending the hill to the gate took fright and --ed forward at his utmost speed.

From The Sun June 13-19, 1893

* June 13: The beautiful new buildings of the Wilson Sanitarium opened yesterday at Mount Wilson, Baltimore County, on the Western Maryland Railroad, ten miles from Baltimore.

* June 15: Twenty-five years ago this summer Cardinal Gibbons was consecrated bishop, and the silver anniversary of his elevation to that important office in the church will fall on August 16.

From The Sun June 13-19, 1943

* June 16: Mayor McKeldin yesterday informed the Baltimore Methodist Preachers' Meeting that he does not intend to interfere with the decision of the Park Board to allow Sunday sports events in the Baltimore Stadium.

* June 17: Mrs. Sarah W. Green Walters, widow of Henry Walters who bequeathed his great art collection to Baltimore, died yesterday at her home in the Savoy-Plaza Hotel in New York.

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