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June 13, 1993


Editor: On Page 21, "In Style" ["Cool Blue," May 2] shows a man with his feet on the bed making a phone call. Doesn't anyone at the Sunpapers edit the paper for things like this? Or are we to believe he is a street person without civility? Isn't Baltimore already noted for its crudeness without our only newspaper aiding the situation? Isn't there anyone with manners to check these things? It's also unhealthy in case anyone is interested.

Euphora Jackson

Cambridge, Md.


Editor: I just read the Sun Magazine for the first time in years. It's nice to see the articles and photos of local interest back again. I hope you will keep it up and also consider articles by Clarinda Harriss Lott again.

I especially enjoyed the well-written article by John Schulian ["What a Character!", April 11]. I, too, remember those people.

Diane Carliner



Editor: I meant to send you a note "Way Back" in February to compliment you on the grand job you did in arranging a beautifully balanced Valentine presentation [Way Back When, Feb. 14]. I was delighted to find it published in color and, of course, pleased that you had selected one of my Whitney cards for inclusion. Your article is a wonderful addition to my modest collection and I am grateful.

Polly Wagner


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