What Will the Future Hold

June 13, 1993

The name of Tomika McFadden was misspelled in today's Sun Magazine cover story.

* The Sun regrets the error.

The "What Does the Future Hold?" project would not have been possible without props and assistance provided by stylist Suzin Boddiford. Clothes/accessories courtesy of Kid's Closet, Super Kids, Rutledge Costumes, Hecht's, Franklin Uniform Corp., Nordstrom, Elizabeth Nuttle of Secret Garden, and Gage Menswear in Baltimore and Owings Mills. Maria's hairstyle by Susan Clayton. Globe from the Nature Company. "Country Cousin" truck courtesy of Bruce Mitchell. Locations: G and L Recycling, Baltimore; Denise Christenson Design Salon; Baltimore City Hall; Maryland Science Center Planetarium; Reliance Fire Protection; the Children's Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital; chambers of Judge Kenneth Lavon Johnson at the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. Thanks to: John Taylor, Gene Johnson, Wendy Ackerman, Joe Kelch, Kia Banks, Judge Joseph H. H. Kaplan, Judge Kenneth Lavon Johnson.

For our cover story today,we asked Sun staffer Amy Deputy to create photographs of " the future," based on responses that eight students at Carter G. Woodson Elementary School gave to the timeless question:" What will you be when you grow up? " Woodson is a neighborhood school in cherry hill,near TheSun's new South Baltimore printing plant.At Woodson,newspaper employees volunteer as tutors. We've found it to be a school that makes up for its ancient physical plant and minimal resources with ceaseless enthusiasiam and caring.We've also found kids who aren't afraid to dream big. As we dream along with them,let's take a moment this Sunday to remember the potential that lieswithin each child - at Woodson, and every other school.Their innocent and earnest goals make us catch our breaths,smile,and even offer a quick that they find success. As the 1992-1993 school year ends, let's remember that despitethe problems inherent in a big city school system,many wondrous moments occur in Baltimore 's classrooms,because children - even under difficult circumstances -- are themselves wondrous


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