Citibank takes over frequent-flier plan for credit cards

June 13, 1993|By New York Times News Service

Citibank has introduced a program in which its Visa and MasterCard customers can obtain frequent-flier points by charging purchases on their credit cards.

It replaces a similar program, operated by an outside concern, called Air Miles, which has been suspended in the United States.

Maria Rullo, a spokeswoman for Citibank, said the new program is called CitiMiles and will credit a cardholder with one mile of travel for each $15 charged.

Points in the old program have been transferred to CitiMiles, and earned flights can be taken on any major airline; the Air Miles plan was limited to four carriers.

Ms. Rullo declined to give the percentage of Citibank cardholders who took part in the old program, but she said it was small.

Citibank will offer the program to new members in September. For more information: (800) 248-4226.


Travel between Orly Airport south of Paris and Charles de Gaulle Airport at Roissy in the northeast can be completed entirely by rail now and without getting into delays caused by city traffic. The Orlyval light rail automated train connects Orly South and Orly West terminals with the suburban RER B line at the Antony stop.

The two trains are on either side of the same platform and one usually leaves promptly after the other arrives. The airport-to-airport trip is estimated to take 70 minutes. The trip from Orly to the Chatelet-Les Halles Metro interchange on the Right Bank takes 30 minutes.

Tickets that cover the entire trip, also valid for entering the Metro where it connects with the RER, cost about $9 and may be bought at Metro or RER ticket booths.

At Orly, vending machines at the Orlyval entrance accept Visa and MasterCard.

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