Price moves from 'Geraldo' to made-for-TV movie plans 'Nixon-type' cover-up is plot, lawyer reports

June 12, 1993|By Peter Hermann | Peter Hermann,Staff Writer

Ronald W. Price, the former Northeast High School teacher who has admitted to having sex with at least seven students, has signed a movie deal with a Hollywood producer for an undisclosed amount of money.

The made-for-TV film will not focus on Mr. Price's affairs with students, but on his claims that Anne Arundel County school officials covered up his indiscretions, his lawyer said yesterday.

"The story is not about an old guy sleeping with a few girls," said Jonathan S. Resnick. "The story is about a sick man who everyone knew about. It's a cover-up -- a Richard Nixon type of thing."

Mr. Resnick refused to reveal the name of the producer or say how much the deal is worth. He said Mr. Price had sold the rights to his name, but no money will change hands until the producer decides to make the movie.

He said the producer is waiting for an ending, either with the court case or the completion of a report by an independent investigator. School Superintendent C. Berry Carter II has said he will ask for such a probe.

Mr. Price, who was charged this spring with sexual child abuse in connection with three teen-agers at the school, has argued twice on national television that he is not criminally responsible.

His lawyers repeatedly have referred to their client as a victim and charged that school officials knew Mr. Price was having sex with students.

They also claim that at least two other teachers at the school engaged in similar exploits.

Yesterday, Mr. Resnick said his claims were vindicated when the school board's attorney admitted this week that school officials had a list in 1989 of 10 young women rumored to have been involved with Mr. Price.

Nancy Jane Adams, a school spokeswoman, would not comment yesterday.

Mr. Resnick also said he believes Mr. Price may be able to make money on the movie deal despite a Maryland law prohibiting convicted criminals from profiting from their crimes. The law, he said, is patterned after New York's so-called "Son of Sam" law, which was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court two years ago as a violation of free speech.

He pointed out that his client has not been convicted.

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