Oates isn't running out of patience Likes aggressive approach on bases

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June 11, 1993|By Peter Schmuck | Peter Schmuck,Staff Writer

BOSTON -- An inordinate number of Orioles runners have been thrown out on the bases lately, but manager Johnny Oates isn't complaining or planning to tell anyone to be less aggressive.

"Sure, we've gotten thrown out a couple of times," Oates said, "but it [aggressiveness on the bases] has won us a couple of ballgames."

Oates felt coming into the season that the addition of Harold Reynolds and continued base-stealing success of Brady Anderson and Mark McLemore would give the club a better presence on the base paths, but it took awhile for that to happen. Now, the club is pressing the action and seeing some positive results.

Nobody likes to get thrown out on the bases, but even the aggressive outs seem to be having a positive effect on an offensive lineup that was largely dormant for the first six weeks of the season.

"The thing about it is, you want to be aggressive," Oates said, "but you want controlled aggressiveness. You don't want to just run into outs any time. But you hustle, and your teammates see it, and it rubs off."

It also can have an effect on the opposition.

"Of course, you've got to have a little bit of speed," Oates said. "Getting Harold Baines and Leo Gomez thrown out on the bases isn't going to force anybody to rush a throw. But when Brady and McLemore and Reynolds are doing it, you might have to.

"With our club, it's either feast or famine. Either you can run or you can't. There aren't a lot of guys in between."

Hulett scratched

Utility man Tim Hulett was in the original starting lineup last night as the designated hitter, but he had to be scratched because of a groin strain he suffered during Wednesday night's game against Oakland. Hulett's condition will be evaluated on a day-to-day basis.

Oates on fines

Oates was asked if he was fined by American League president Bobby Brown for his role in Sunday's brawl at Camden Yards.

"I hope not," Oates said. "For one thing, I couldn't afford it and for another, the way I feel today, I think I deserve a rebate."

Obando trying to regain swing

Outfielder Sherman Obando apparently has recovered from his hamstring strain, but he has not swung the bat well for the Triple-A Rochester Red Wings during his rehabilitation assignment. According to Oates, he had just two singles in his first 16 minor-league at-bats.

Obando figures to get his act together at the plate, but the Orioles are concerned about the series of leg cramps and strains that Obando has suffered since he joined the team.

"We've got to get these leg problems cleared up," Oates said. "We've checked his diet and that seems to be fine. He has the best body fat ratio on the team. He's a very muscular guy. I never had to worry about that kind of thing because you can't pull a fat."

Two more draft picks sign

The Orioles have signed two more of their selections from last week's amateur draft. Second baseman Jesus Garcia (26th pick, Lee [Texas] College), and right-handed pitcher John Cafaro (30th pick, Polk Community College, Fla.) agreed to terms, bringing to 17 the number of Orioles selections who have signed.


A comparison of the past five starts of Orioles pitchers Rick Sutcliffe (6-2) and Ben McDonald (2-6) show that more effective pitching does not always make its way into the won/lost record:

Stat.. .. .. .. .. Sutcliffe .. .. .. .. ..McDonald

Innings .. .. .. ..32.. .. .,. .. .. .. .. 30.2

Earn. runs .. .. ..15 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9

Hits .. .. .. .. ..36 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 20

O's runs .. .. .. .30 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 13

Record .. .. .. .. 3-0 .. .. .. .. .. ...0-2

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