Ejected O's, Mariners suspended 3-5 games


June 11, 1993|By Peter Schmuck | Peter Schmuck,Staff Writer

BOSTON -- The 20-minute brawl that erupted at Camden Yards last Sunday may have been the talk of the town and it may have had a catalytic effect on the resurgent Orioles, but it did not sit well with American League president Bobby Brown.

Brown reviewed the videotape of the melee between the Orioles and Seattle Mariners and imposed suspensions and $1,000 fines on all seven players who were ejected from the game.

Orioles starting pitcher Rick Sutcliffe was suspended for five games, effective Wednesday, reliever Alan Mills received a four-game suspension, effective June 22, and first baseman David Segui received a three-game suspension, effective today. But all three players are expected to appeal the ruling, which would delay imposition of the fines and suspensions.

Brown levied similar sanctions against Mariners startingpitcher Chris Bosio (five games), reliever Norm Charlton (four games), outfielder Mackey Sasser (three games) and catcher Bill Haselman (three games). Those suspensions also are staggered the club will not lose more than one player at a time.

Haselman said he would appeal, and the Mariners' other combatants also are expected to appeal.

"I knew something was going to happen," Sutcliffe said. "I expected a fine. I guess I'll appeal it. I'd rather it be a $2,000 fine than miss a start."

Though the longest suspensions landed on Sutcliffe and Bosio, that is not an indication that they were the most active participants. They received five-game suspensions because they are starting pitchers who would not miss any playing time if the suspensions were shorter.

Brown apparently tried to mete out punishment as evenly as possible, relative to the positions and the potential loss of playing time for the seven players involved. The starting pitchers got five games, the relievers got four and the everyday players were suspended for three. Though a number of other players were actively involved in the fray, the disciplinary action apparently was limited to the seven players designated by the umpires as the most combative.

Seattle officials did not say whether the Mariners players would be appealing their suspensions, but expressed displeasure that Orioles pitcher Mike Mussina was not among those penalized.

The fight erupted when Mussina hit Haselman on the shoulder with a pitch in apparent retaliation for a couple of inside pitches by Bosio earlier in the game. Haselman charged the mound and tackled Mussina, igniting a brawl that did not subside for nearly 20 minutes.

Bosio was crushed under a pile of players and aggravated a collarbone injury that already had kept him out of action for a month this season. His suspension will not become effective until two days after his next major-league start when he returns from the disabled list.

Seattle manager Lou Piniella also was thrown out of the game, but his ejection came after a lengthy argument with the umpires over their decision not to eject Mussina.

"I still don't think it's fair that the guy who started it all did not get fTC suspended," Piniella told the Seattle Post Intelligencer. "Mussina threw at our guy and that started the whole thing."

Several Orioles players were treated for minor injuries. Mark Williamson suffered a bloodied nose and facial abrasions when he was thrown face first to the ground by Sasser. Catcher Jeff Tackett suffered a black eye and a gash on his cheek.

Segui reacted with surprise that he was singled out for disciplinary action.

"I was surprised about mine because there's nothing on film that he could have seen to substantiate the fine and suspension," he said. "I'm not saying I'm completely innocent, but there were a lot of guys on the field who did more than I did.

"I think he's trying to make an example out of this. I knew he would, but I don't see how I get the same penalty as Haselman. That doesn't make any sense to me at all."

Segui wants the opportunity to plead his case in a face-to-face meeting with Brown. Most appeal hearings take place when the team involved visits New York. The Orioles were just there on their last road trip and won't return until mid-August.

Sutcliffe indicated that he would appeal, but said he would talk to manager Johnny Oates first to see how team officials wanted to handle the situation. Oates said before last night's game that he and general manager Roland Hemond would meet with the three players after the game to discuss the situation.

"I saw the film, and I don't know what it [the disciplinary action] is based on," Sutcliffe said. "I need to wait and talk to [Brown]. I don't know what was in the umpires' report. To tell you the truth, everything happened so fast, I'm not really sure of everything I did."

Mills was the star of the videotape. His part in the fight was too well-documented for him to expect a reversal on appeal, but he apparently will request a hearing also.

"I really have no comment," he said. "I really didn't know what to expect, but I have no comment. You can ask me for days, but I'll still have no comment."


Suspensions levied by American League president Bobby Brown resulting from Sunday's brawl between the Orioles and the Seattle Mariners:


Player.. .. .. .. .. .. Games

Rick Sutcliffe.. .. .. .. ..5

Alan Mills .. .. .. .. .. ..4

David Segui .. .. .. .. .. .3

Total .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 12


Player.. .. .. .. .. .. ..Games

Chris Bosio.. .. .. .. .. .. 5

Norm Charlton .. .. .. .. .. 4

Mackey Sasser .. .. .. .. .. .3

Bill Haselman .. .. .. .. .. .3

Total .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..15

Combined total .. .. .. .. ..27

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