Calling a cab proves burglary supect's undoing

June 11, 1993|By Newsday

HUNTINGTON, N.Y. -- How does a suburban burglar get around if he lacks his own wheels? Police said one here did what any law-abiding citizen would do. He called a cab.

Lee Tucker, 43, seen walking with two duffel bags Wednesday afternoon near the Christian Charity Deliverance Church in this Long Island town, got into a cab, police said. A witness did not think much of it until a few hours later when he again saw Mr. Tucker, this time walking up the steps to a house on the same street.

"He heard something that didn't sound right, and saw him leave the house with two duffel bags and get into an Orange & White JTC taxi," said Detective Lt. Robert Cassagne, commander of Suffolk County's Second Squad.

When he heard the sound of glass breaking and a door being kicked in, the witness called police. While investigators questioned employees at the Orange & White Taxi Co. in Huntington Station, N.Y., Mr. Tucker called there for another cab to take him from his home to another nearby site, police said.

"They followed the cab" to Mr. Tucker's house "and Tucker comes out with two duffel bags," Lieutenant Cassagne said. "We believe he was going to sell the items."

With a search warrant in hand, police entered Mr. Tucker's home and found the proceeds from five other burglaries. All had been committed in a 10-block area around Mr. Tucker's home in the 36 hours before his arrest, police said.

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