Peace activist is sentenced for trespassing

June 11, 1993

A Baltimore social worker was given a suspended prison sentence Wednesday for her role in a protest at the Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory in Columbia.

Maureen Kehoe Ostensen, 33, was given a 90-day prison sentence after being found guilty in Howard District Court of trespassing.

Judge James Vaughan suspended the sentence but ordered Ms. Ostensen to complete one year of unsupervised probation and pay court costs of $50.

But Ms. Ostensen refused to pay the court costs, so Judge Vaughan ordered her to serve five days in jail. The judge later that day released Ms. Ostensen, but he said the court would send her a bill for the court costs.

Ms. Ostensen is the first of seven peace activists, including former Josephite Priest Philip F. Berrigan, to stand trial on trespassing charges for a protest at the Columbia laboratory Feb. 24.

The protesters, members of the Baltimore Emergency Response Network, spread ashes on the laboratory grounds to symbolize the destruction caused by nuclear weapons.

Several protesters, including Mr. Berrigan, laid down on the parking lot to block the path of employees on the way to work, police said. They were asked to leave twice but refused before police were called.

Mr. Berrigan, 69, of Baltimore is scheduled for a trial in District Court on June 24.

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