CENTRAL--Union Mills * Westminster * Sandymount * Finksburg

June 11, 1993


* Westminster: An employee of Wheeler Chrysler-Plymouth discovered a large plate glass show window broken by a ball bearing on Monday. He estimated the damage at $500.

Four automobiles parked in different area of the city have suffered extensive damage totaling $2,100 by someone using a sharp object to scratch, dent or break windows, police were told. A Middle Grove Court resident reported three dents in the side of her car Wednesday, with damage estimated at $1,000; a Webster Street resident said the side of his car was scratched while it was parked near his house on Wednesday, causing $500 in damage; a John Street resident said her car suffered damage estimated at $500 on both sides and the hood while it was parked near her house on Wednesday; and a Pennsylvania Avenue resident said someone broke the rear window of her car Monday while the vehicle was parked near her house, causing an estimated $100 of damage.

Charles Gatuso of East Main Street reported to police that two plastic carrying cases for small animals were stolen from his car on Tuesday while the car was parked in the area of the Key parking lot. He estimated the loss at $320.

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