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June 11, 1993

Beauregard to run for GOP slot in mayor's race

Louise Rothschild Beauregard, a political gadfly who is best ++ known for testifying at local and state government meetings, is running for mayor in Annapolis.

The perennial candidate entered the race this week as an opponent of Larry Vincent, a downtown clothier who was the Republican nominee for mayor in 1989.

On the Democratic side, Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins will face Sylvanus Jones, a political neophyte who wants to lower city taxes. Former Mayor Dennis M. Callahan has entered the race as an independent.

Ms. Beauregard, 59, runs a social service agency, Christian Services USA, and is a fixture at public hearings in Annapolis.

"I've devoted 23 years to Maryland in human services," said the downtown resident. "After 23 years of begging, I want the city of Annapolis to take on a social service division to take care of the elderly, to take care of the retired military, to take care of the poor."

She unexpectedly won a three-way race for the Republican nomination for county executive in 1986 and received 17,000 votes in the election against O. James Lighthizer, the Democratic incumbent.

In November 1987, she was charged with making threatening phone calls to former Gov. Marvin Mandel and his wife. The charges were moved to the inactive docket after Ms. Beauregard agreed not to contact them again.

, The primary is in September.

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