Morning Routine

June 10, 1993|By Herman K. Goldberg, M.D.

I had pills to take

each morning

Normally it is two

But now it is five

I lay them out carefully

One by one

They are much the same

Size and color

But differentiate them

I must

As they lay on the table

I take one

Followed by the next

Then I look back

Which one did I take?

One drops to the floor

And bounces away

So which did I take before?

In rapid succession

I take the remaining

But of the one that

Bounced on the floor

Which way did it go?

Briefly I search

And then give up

Was it the Prednisone?

Or the antibiotic?

I will never know

Each day I repeat this ritual

The five pills

All lined up

And always one that

escapes me

A few hours later

A sudden thought

Did I take them?

Or have I forgotten them all?


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