Conjuring Bawlmer

June 10, 1993|By David W. Kriebel

Gimme Bawlmer, hon. Gimme that honeyfyin', deathdefyin',


rowhousin', roughneckin', stoopsittin'


That's right, call 'em up

from Highlandtown to Pigtown,

from Brooklyn Park to Loudon Park,

yeah, the dead guys, too.

Call dem, and make 'em root for dem


Get dem in from Druid Hill and


from working-class Arbutus to

! smartass Hopkins.

Roust' em out of Harundale and


Bring 'em out of steel mills and beauty


down Belair, and Eastern, and Cold

Spring Lane.

Bus dem pregnant kids up from the

0$ junior high down Ritchie Highway

to the city that breeds.

Bring 'em!

Make' em sit on 'at 'ere stoop and go

.` hollering down Potomac Street.

Make' em roll up cigarette packs under

# their shirtsleeves.

Make 'em have their hair done up in a


Make 'em get a tattoo.

Get it done and do it now.

Make 'em shop at Hutzler's and drink

a Pepsi.

Make' em go to The Block and eat at

, Haussner's at Christmastime,

mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmm.

Oh, yeah, and make 'em go down to 'at

'ere new stadium and watch dem

O's and suck on a cold one and talk

to fellas named Boog and root for

the Baltimore Colts.

And light a candle for me, babe,

because I'm goin' to Columbia.

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