Saving ValleysHooray that our government is considering...


June 10, 1993

Saving Valleys

Hooray that our government is considering saving the Cromwell Valley by purchasing the farms adjacent to the heavily-used Loch Raven Reservoir.

I know of another valley that also could be saved, but at no cost to the taxpayer -- and perhaps even saving us a few million dollars.

This valley, like the Cromwell Valley, lies just outside the beltway, just down the road from Towson, and has been enjoyed by residents throughout the state for years.

I am speaking of 95 acres at the corner of Greenspring Valley and Falls roads.

This prime farmland is being threatened with a 2.5 million-square-foot development, including 2,500 residents, 1,000 employees and six-story buildings.

Developing this land would introduce public water and sewer into the Greenspring Valley, setting up the entire valley for eventual development. It would cause enormous traffic problems which would have to be solved using taxpayer money.

How could all this be prevented? Simple. Local and state politicians can stick to the strict rural/agricultural zoning already in place. The Baltimore County Council can exercise its right to deny extension of the water and sewer plan.

Deirdre M. Smith


Higher Taxes

Maryland's middle class has only the Democrats in Congress to thank for the biggest tax increases in the last decade.

It is not just the increase in income taxes we middle classes will be paying but all the other taxes that we will have to pay through higher cost of goods and services. And to add insult to injury, they would be retroactive to Jan. 1. Better save your dollars.

With less disposable income, fewer goods and services will be purchased, which means less demand. That leads to lay-offs and worse unemployment and a sicker economy. Which will then require more government spending to help the economy. This equates to more taxes.

The Democrats didn't want to let their president down and voted for this tax increase. Yes, something has to be done about the deficit, but this bill equals $2 of tax increases for every $1 of spending cuts, and most of the cuts won't happen for years.

If you think this tax increase is the end of your paying higher taxes and having less to spend on your family, you ain't seen nothing yet. Wait till the bill for health care socialism, I mean reform, is presented. And the list goes on.

Kent P. Swanson


Japan's Blame

I can understand the grief expressed by the parents of the slain student, and their frustration with the Louisiana court system.

I do, however, take exception to the moral indignation expressed by the Japanese and their condemnation of this society.

They have no compunction about selling arms technology on the world market or small arms and associated equipment on the American market.

Members of Japanese organized crime routinely eliminate anyone who gets in their way with guns, knives and radio-controlled bombs.

The Japanese would do well to look critically at the social and ethical underpinnings of their own glass house before they attempt to condemn and/or affect the rights of American citizens.

While it is true that the right of self-defense can be and is misused, it is nevertheless one of the corner-stones of any free society.

W. E. Clarke


Plant Investment

An opportunity is being missed. The city will soon spend $1 million to develop property near the Cylburn Arboretum for new homes. This $1 million could be spent for a plant science center instead.

The city, state and the University of Maryland have been able to find $160 million for the Christopher Columbus Center in an effort to make downtown Baltimore a global life science center. What about the rest of the city?

If Baltimore is to become a life science community, then the neighborhoods as well as the tourist sections of the city need to be part of the solution.

A public hearing on the use of the land and consequently the money will be held before the City Council on June 9.

C. Moore


Kick a Dog

In response to Charles Frainie's May 27 letter on President Clinton's visit to Andrews Air Force Base, I felt compelled to answer the behavior exhibited by the largely Republican crowd as a warning to the rest (and majority) of Americans.

This offensive, unprofessional, tacky and uncouth behavior exhibited toward the commander in chief of our armed forces, whatever their personal opinion may be of him, is a warning sign to all freedom-loving Americans that at the drop of a hat, we could easily become a country taken over by the military establishment. Don't think this is not possible in the good ole U.S. of A.

We are becoming a country of crass individuals. I would no TTC sooner boo a Republican president in public then kick a dog.

Walter R. Milanicz


Distorted View

Fifty years after the publication of "The Fountainhead," it is still one of America's all-time best sellers. Along comes Ed Gunts to distort the ideas of the novel.

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