Community service requirement will benefit students and area WEST COLUMBIA


June 09, 1993|By LARRY STURGILL

Individual involvement in community affairs is essential to the well-being and evolution of a community. Columbia has long fostered and promoted such involvement, with programs such as teen representatives to the village boards.

Opportunities for community involvement by young people are too rare, but that will most certainly change with the new high school graduation requirement of community service for all incoming 1994 high school students.

As a result of this new program, the competition among students for the limited number of volunteer positions to fulfill the new community service requirement probably will become quite fierce.

The good news is that this new program may serve as a wake-up zTC call for local organizations that will see this as a golden opportunity for themselves and the community.

One such organization is the Oakview Treatment Center, a substance abuse treatment program on Ridge Road in Ellicott City. They have already stepped forward and opened a number of doors that will allow students to fulfill their academic requirements, and in the process, become a more integral part of their community.

Oakview recently entered into a partnership with Wilde Lake High School and will provide mentorships for students interested in a career in counseling. Oakview employees will provide training to Wilde Lake students and staff, and also will offer a series of presentations for the high school's PTSA.

As the need for the community service requirement in Howard County high schools expands, maybe other organizations will follow Oakview's lead.


Congratulations to Austrania Patterson, a student at Wilde Lake High School, who is a semi-finalist in the 23rd Annual Maryland Talented Teen Pageant.

The pageant finals will be held in Baltimore on Sunday and the winner will go on to the international pageant to be held in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, in July.


And hearty congratulations to all the graduates of Wilde Lake High School, Class of '93. I know it seemed like a tough four years, but you made it. In the years to come, this will be the time in your life you'll remember most often.


There will be a baseball and sports card auction Friday at Kahler Hall in Harper's Choice. This is a can't miss opportunity for collectors looking for quality cards and other rare sports memorabilia.

Items will be available for inspection at 4 p.m. The auction will begin at 6 p.m.

For additional information, call 730-0770.


Summer vacation is almost here and a lot of kids are thinking about ways to earn some extra spending money.

Baby-sitting and cutting grass are two traditional ways that young people can make a few extra dollars, and for those interested, the Wilde Lake Community Associations will be keeping a list of those available to baby-sit or cut lawns.

If you want your name on the list, please stop by Slayton House, or call 730-3987.


Anyone interested in learning more about the political organization formed last year around Ross Perot's independent presidential candidacy is invited to attend a meeting of the Howard County chapter of United We Stand America tonight at the Howard County Central Library.

For additional information about the 7:30 p.m. meeting, call 730-8691 or 370-6490.

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