Mayor Gullo's Promising Start CARROLL COUNTY

June 09, 1993

Although he may be New Windsor's youngest mayor ever, Jack A. Gullo Jr. handled himself like a seasoned pro during his first meeting with the town council a week ago.

Since Mr. Gullo won the election last month, there has been some apprehension in town circles about the new mayor. People feared that a 24-year-old law school graduate was too young and unfamiliar with town business. There was speculation that the more experienced hands in municipal government would run circles around him.

Judging from his performance and from some of his proposals during last Wednesday's meeting, however, Mayor Gullo appears to be making an easy transition into office. His style is to control the flow of the meeting while allowing everyone to have his or her say. When council members started to digress from the business at hand, Mr. Gullo gently reminded them to return to the subject.

In an effort to keep council members better informed about the issues they are to consider at their monthly meeting, Mr. Gullo proposed changing the method of assembling and distributing the agenda. Instead of having the council view the agenda for the first time on the day of the meeting, the mayor suggested distributing it a few days beforehand. Mr. Gullo said he wanted to make the change so that council members will be able to prepare for the meeting and will not be in the position of having to make decisions on the spot, as in the past. To its credit, the council readily approved Mr. Gullo's proposal.

In another matter, the new mayor avoided an embarrassing pitfall by disclosing that he had a potential conflict of interest over a road that the state is proposing to construct parallel to Route 31. Although the highway department needed only his approval as mayor to continue its planning, Mr. Gullo solicited the council's advice because the road would be built across his father's property. Rather than hide that relationship, Mr. Gullo voluntarily brought it to the council's attention. We hope he continues to be as candid on other matters.

Although New Windsor's new mayor has yet to be tested, he exhibited good judgment and skills at running his first town council meeting. If Jack Gullo continues to govern in this vein, New Windsor should be well served during his four-year term.

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