Balkan Update

June 09, 1993

Mediator Lord Owen said in LUXEMBOURG he believed it was now unlikely that the United States would provide any ground troops to help implement the Vance-Owen peace plan.

Bosnian Serbs placed in a refugee camp the 1,000 Croat soldiers who surrendered to them Monday outside TRAVNIK and said the Red Cross has taken charge. Defense Minister Dusan Kovacevic said the authorities were willing to exchange them for Serbs. He also said the 8,000 civilians who fled would be allowed to go wherever they wished.

British soldiers managed to prevent about 30 Muslim fighters from gunning down some 170 civilians in the area of GUCA GORA near Travnik. British peacekeepers also said they had witnessed Muslim soldiers shooting Croat civilians in cold blood.

A police source in BELGRADE said security measures had been tightened throughout Serbia for fear of unrest by supporters of opposition leader Vuk Draskovic, who was beaten by police and is being detained. The source said security forces were operating one step below a general state of emergency.

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