The Surrendered Life

June 08, 1993|By Maria Garriott

In memory of Sister MaryAnn Glinka, who

was murdered in her convent in Baltimore.

A man who had worked for the sisters

was arrested and charged in the case.

Did you hear the shattering

of a single pane

the click of a doorknob turning

as you walked quietly toward glory?

When you saw the Judas --

whom you had fed and trusted --

filling his pockets with your sisters' money

did you accuse -- or forgive?

Did your small, aging body tremble

at the roughness of his hands

recoiling from this violation

of the bride of Christ?

Surely you had thought of this

as you walked, for years,

unmolested through the poor, the mad,

the possessed, the addicted.

You lived the surrendered life;

knew your safety was determined

not by alarms, locks or dogs

but by God.

In your shadow

we see the poverty

of our own hearts.

A student of prayer,

you rose before dawn to meet with God.

Surprised by death, at dawn you rose

and met with God.

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