Balkan Update

June 08, 1993

Bosnian leaders in SARAJEVO grudgingly accepted the U.N. "safe areas" peace plan they had condemned as forcing Muslims into ghettos.

Hundreds of people have been killed in fighting between Muslim and Croat forces over the central Bosnian town of TRAVNIK, U.N. military sources said. The Bosnian Serb army on nearby Mount Vlasic said 1,000 Croat fighters surrendered to it rather than to the Muslims.

Bosnian Serbs pressed their assault on the beleaguered eastern enclave of GORAZDE for a 12th day and reportedly attacked another supposed "safe area," SREBRENICA.

In BELGRADE, the leaders of Serbia and Bosnia's Serbs, considered the two main instigators of the Bosnian war, urge negotiations to end the violence.

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