Clarksville's Hoziks now have matching Bowler of Week awards from Normandy


June 07, 1993|By DON VITEK

Doris and Nick Hozik of Clarksville started bowling duckpins about 30 years ago. About 10 years ago they turned their attention to tenpins.

Today they both bowl in the Tuesday Mixed and the Thursday Club 55 leagues at Brunswick Normandy.

On Week 20 of the season Nick pounded out scores that were 72 pins over average to capture Bowler of the Week in Club 55.

It took Doris some time but on Week 34, the last week of the fall-winter season, she was 60 pins over average to become the Bowler of the Week.

"I was amazed," Doris said. "I didn't do anything different from any other day."

Nick carries a 170-plus average and has thrown a high game of 252,a high set of 652. And this time of the year you'll find him playing softball in the 65-and-over Baltimore Beltway League.

Doris, throwing a 10-pound bowling ball, is averaging 132. Her career-high game is 202, her high series 542.

"I remember that I had a 190 game and a 472 series on the last day of the league," Doris said. "I guess it took me that long to have a good day."

Another Bowler of the Week

Howard Parlett is another senior bowler who finds time to play softball in the Baltimore Beltway League.

"It's a chance to get some exercise and it's a lot of fun," he said. "I feel the same way about bowling, it's great recreation."

Parlett lives with his wife, Edith, in Clarksville. It's the same place he's lived all his life.

"Dad had the [dairy] farm here," Howard said, "and when we were old enough Dad gave each of us [sons] a piece of land for a house and I never left the place where I was born."

The Parletts bowl in the Club 55 league at Normandy; Edith has a 129 average and Howard carries 155.

On Week 33 of the season his games were high enough (60 pins over average) to earn him Bowler of the Week.

A great way to open season

John Colbert, born, raised and still living in Baltimore, started bowling tenpins during his Air Force career.

He bowls in four winter leagues at Brunswick Normandy.

"In the summer I cut that down to just one league, the Thursday Afternoon Doubles," he said. "Just enough to keep the feel of the game for the winter season."

That feel for the game paid off on the first day of the summer season.

Colbert carries a 189 average with a career-high series of 707. On the first day of the summer season, he threw a first game of 164, a little below that average. The second was 204, a little over his average. The third game was a charm: 300.

"That's the first and only one," he said. "But a couple of weeks ago I did come close, I had a 286."

A good day for a 10-year-old

Danny Lichtenstein, 10, started bowling in the YABA league at Normandy last September. Since that time he has raised his average from 67 to 76, and on Week 20 he became the Bowler of the Week with 45 pins over average.

Son of Joanne and Paul Lichtenstein of Columbia, he attends Phelps Luck elementary school.

On April 18, at Elk Lanes, Elkton,using an 8-pound Ebonite bowling ball that was a Christmas present, Danny fired his career-best high scratch game of 129 to capture the Grades 3-5 boys handicap division in the NJBC state finals.

He was top-seeded for the stepladder finals, and his handicapped 203 was 30 pins higher than Rusty Lynn's 173.

Lynn of Fort Ritchie was seeded second and had defeated Kenneth Ritchey to earn the right to face Lichtenstein in the final match.

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