Eger, Bodney win Chesapeake Cup

June 07, 1993|By John W. Stewart | John W. Stewart,Staff Writer

David Eger saved par and partner Mike Bodney salvaged a bogey on their last hole to clinch the championship of the third annual Chesapeake Cup at Caves Valley Golf Club yesterday.

This was a meeting of United States Golf Association and PGA Tour minds -- and golf swings -- as Eger, senior director for rules and competitions of the USGA, and Bodney, in charge of international competitions for the tour, combined for a four-round total of 289, and a two-stroke victory.

With scoring based on better-ball and selected-drive, alternate-shot Saturday and aggregate yesterday (the third score is the players' combined score for their first nine holes, and the fourth score is their combined score for their second nine holes), Eger-Bodney shot 72-65-76-76289, 5 over par for a course that played about 6,700 yards.

Vinnie Giles, current non-playing Walker Cup captain, and Buddy Marucci, a University of Maryland graduate and one of the top amateurs in the Philadelphia area, took second place, 70-75-73-73291, in the 20-team event.

Winds of 15-20 mph, and greens that grew slick as they dried out, sent scores soaring, with several exceptions.

"This is a difficult format [aggregate] after depending on your partner for two rounds," Eger said. "On our last nine, we pretty much knew how we stood." Each had a medal score of


Giles and Marucci each shot 73, but it was not quite enough to make up for a second-round 75 (Eger-Bodney had 65 in that round). "Yesterday [Saturday], we were frustrated with our play, but today we just hung in there," Marucci said.

David Eger-Mike Bodney 72-65-76-76--289; Vinnie Giles-Buddy Marucci 70-75-73-73--291; Kevin King-Mike Goodes 74-70-76-74--294; Frank Ford-Paul Simson 72-73- 78-71--294; Pat Brady-David Lind 69-67-80-79--295; Bobby Housen-Vic Gerard 72-69 -77-82--300; Joe Walter-Charles Woody 72-73-77-8--302; Fred Ridley-Steve Smyers 72-73-80-77302; Jay Sigel-Bob Young 68-71-81-82-302; Doug Ballenger-Bobby Morris 71-72-78-82303.

J. P. O'Hara-Neil Christie 72-76-77-80305; George Kelley-Mark Sear 69-76-81- 79305; Peter van Ingen-Rick Southwick 72-79-78-78307; Gordon Brewer-David Brookerson 75-74-78-80307; Vince Zachetti-Eric Kirsch 70-72-82-84308; Davis Sezna-Jim Holtgrieve 69-74-85-83311; Tom O'Neil-Henry Blue 74-74-87-80315; Randy Reifers-Dan Quayle 74-75-83-84316; Jerry Kling-Clark Hargrove 79-75-80- 83317; John McKey-Harcourt Kemp 71-80-84-84319.

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