Manchester employees to get raises Most increases will be 8 percent

June 07, 1993|By Katherine Richards | Katherine Richards,Staff Writer

Manchester's water and wastewater superintendent will receive a 19 percent pay raise beginning July 1, says Town Manager Terry Short.

The final town employees' salary plan for fiscal 1994 will give Mr. Short a pay raise of 8.4 percent, and other town employees will receive 8 percent increases, he said.

The town manager's salary will rise from $31,200 to $33,821. The water and wastewater superintendent's salary will increase from $25,958 to $30,900.

Former Councilman Geoffrey Black, who helped set the final employee pay increases before his term ended in May, said Friday that Steven Miller, the water and wastewater superintendent, had been "grossly underpaid."

"I think he's still underpaid," Mr. Black said. "But we made a very good effort at getting him to a competitive rate."

Throughout Manchester's budget process this spring, the Town Council struggled to find a way to raise employees' salaries to levels comparable with what nearby towns pay, while avoiding ^ C tax increase for town residents.

After several suggestions were proposed and rejected, the council decided to give town employees an across-the-board raise.

Mr. Black said the council asked him and Mr. Short to pare the proposed salaries by $4,288 -- the equivalent of a penny on the local property tax rate -- to balance the budget with a 41-cent tax rate.

Mr. Short said the $4,288 cut was taken from earlier, larger proposed raises for the town manager, clerk-treasurer and water and wastewater superintendent positions.

In reaction to his new salary, Mr. Short said last week, "I think the salary is substandard.

"Obviously, comparing it to other jurisdictions, it is," he said.

Mr. Miller said Friday he had not officially been told he would get the raise.

"I haven't heard anything yet," Mr. Miller said, adding he would be happy if the raise were to become official.

"We have to see what happens along the way," he said.

Mr. Short said Friday that the raises were official, but that employees would receive formal notice of the pay increases at the quarterly town staff meeting scheduled for June 24.

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