Balkan Update

June 07, 1993

Bosnian Serb gunners pounded besieged GORAZDE for yet another day Sunday, and United Nations officials acknowledged they were at the Serbs' mercy in reaching the embattled Muslim enclave.

The statement came despite a U.N. Security Council resolution adopted Friday that would commit up to 10,000 additional troops to guard Gorazde and five other Muslim territories.

The president of France joins the Greek premier in BELGRADE in urging Serbia to release opposition leader Vuk Draskovic, arrested and beaten after a huge anti-government demonstration.

British peacekeepers try to avert a bloodbath as Muslims and Croats fight with artillery, mortars and heavy machine guns in and around the central Bosnian town of TRAVNIK.

From Croatian positions on hills just north of the picturesque old Ottoman Turkish town, houses could be seen burning in the outlying villages of CIGLANA and VILENCA and artillery rounds crashed into the town itself.

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