47 Pass Psychologists' Exam

June 07, 1993

The name of Lee Green was omitted from a list of people who passed the psychologists' licensing exam. The list appeared in yesterday's Business section.

The Baltimore Sun regrets the errors.

These 47 people passed the Maryland psychologists' exam April 14, 1993, and were licensed by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene:

@Allgood-Hill, Barbara

Band, Eve

Band, Steven

Brierly-Bowers, Patricia


Brookman, Cathy

Brown, Gretchen

Bulger, Michael

Bullock, Rickey

Butler, Anthony

Corbett, Carolyn

Cruise, Karen

Culp, Carol

Derry, Paula

Elion, Victor

Furst, Janice

Gerrity, Ellen

Glass, Carol

Green, Zachary

Han, Sung

Haucke, Mark

Hurr, Wayne

Jacobs, Sheryl

Johnson, Charlie

Jones, Alissa

Kight, Thomas

Ladisch, Brigitte

Lamson, Christine

Liss, Marcia

McCusker, Paul

Merrion, Martha

Minke, Kathleen

Murphy, Christopher

Ostendorf, Suanne

Pascualvaca, Daisy

Reichenbach, Lisa

Richards, Kevin

Roberts-Manson, Kerry

Saffer, Jerry

Schratz Jr., Paul

Shapiro, Kenneth

Sherman, Benna

Smetko, Paul

Smith, Katherine

Steiglitz, Elizabeth

Turnquist, Bruce

vonFoerster, Richard

Walther, Debra

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