Ideal conditions make for fast Annapolis-St. Michaels races


June 06, 1993|By NANCY NOYES

This year's weekend of racing to and from St. Michaels was one of the best in recent memory, with a terrific breeze to speed the 170 starters in last Saturday's Miles River Yacht Club race from Annapolis to St. Michaels in nearly record time.

Saturday's 15-class fleet sailed two different courses, with sailors in the four spinnakered PHRF splits, MORC, J/29s and J/30s completing the full 24.3-mile distance down to Poplar Island Light and up into Eastern Bay and the Miles River. The others used G'1' south of Kent Point as the turning mark into Eastern Bay for a 17.2-mile distance.

The solid 15- to 20-knot breeze from the northeast made the race a fast one, whichever the course, and nearly all of the racers had arrived in St. Mike's by early afternoon.

Sunday's 17.2-mile race back to Annapolis began as more of a contest of patience and will than one of speed, until the wind finally filled in from the south in the afternoon. The slow start in light and dying air took its toll in a high drop-out rate, as the fleet of 92 starters shrank to 71 finishers before the breeze came in.

The only sailor to win his class both days was Sam Owings and the crew on his Soverel 33, topping out the 24-boat PHRF A-1 class by about a minute and a half on Saturday, and surviving a hTC 60 percent attrition rate among the 10 A-1 starters on Sunday to win by 12 minutes, in both cases over the Davis/Seidel Syndicate's Patriot in second.

"If I had wished for the right conditions for my boat both days it couldn't have been better," Owings said.

Owings praised his crew's work, particularly on Saturday when he said the key to maintaining speed was constantly working the boat.

MRYC Annapolis to Miles River Race

Saturday, May 29

MORC (11 starters): 1. Mad Planet, Rob Ranzenbach, Annapolis 3:01:47 c.t.; 2. Mirage, Lewis/Salvesen, Annapolis/Edgewater, 3:02:19 c.t.; 3. The Fish, Lipshinn Synd., Baltimore, 3:04:24 c.t.

Multihull (10 starters): 1. The Karis, Michael Ivy, Arlington, Va., 2:24:38 c.t.; 2. Gemini, Jere Glover, Washington, 2:27:00 c.t.; 3. Cybele, Lyman White, (address unavailable), 2:35:12 c.t.

PHRF A-1 (24 starters): 1. Moving Violation, Sam Owings, Annapolis, 2:45:02 c.t.; 2. Patriot, Davis/Seidel Synd., Bel Air, 2:46:24 c.t.; 3. Wild Thang, Bill Chambers, Fulton, 2:48:02 c.t.; 4. Sundog, Paul & Kathy Parks, Shady Side, 2:48:06 c.t.; 5. Cheers, Tim & Sally Bowen, Bowie, 2:48:41 c.t.

PHRF A-2 (19 starters): 1. Trippwire, Trippwire Synd., Annapolis, 2:44:05 c.t.; 2. Zulu Warrior, Caple/Stoer, Washington/Bethesda, 2:45:47 c.t.; 3. Fast Track, John Yeigh, Annapolis, 2:47:56 c.t.; 4. Terrific, Olaf tom Felde, Annapolis, 2:48:04 c.t.

PHRF B (21 starters): 1. Adios, Greg Smith, St. Michaels, 2:33:32 c.t.; 2. Leeway, David Lee, Montgomery, Ala., 2:39:37 c.t.; 3. New Day, Emory Bales, Dahlgren, Va., 2:40:47 c.t.; 4. Flying Circus, Jervis Dorton, Columbia, 2:41:07 c.t.; 5. Aspire, Jack Yaissle, Allentown, Pa., 2:43:34 c.t.

PHRF C (10 starters): 1. Marilyn, Martin Kiely, Berwyn Heights, 2:41:30 c.t.; 2. Synchronicity, Dave Guy, Salisbury, 2:42:02 c.t.; 3. Apfel, W. Elsaesser, Severna Park, 2:42:32 c.t.

PHRF Nonspinnaker (12 starters): 1. Spice, Raymond Taylor, Annapolis, 2:06:40 c.t.; 2. Albar II, Allen Keiser, Towson, 2:14:18 c.t.; 3. Expectation, Omar Jacomini, Severna Park, 2:14:33 c.t.

Alberg 30 (7 starters): 1. Winter's Beat, Lee Leonard, Dayton, 2:58:58 e.t.; 2. Bon Aire, William Johnson, Alexandria, Va., 3:03:20 e.t.; 3. Sundance, Nye/Evans, Annapolis/Trappe, 3:05:57 e.t.

Cal 25 (6 starters): 1. Riders Up, J.D. Wooldridge, Annapolis, 2:57:43 e.t.; 2. CL2, Geoffrey Swanhart, Sterling, Va., 3:00:29 e.t.; 3. Chicken Little, Charlie Husar, Annapolis, 3:01:35 e.t.

Catalina 27 (12 starters): 1. Cheshire Cat, Francis Wright, Annapolis, 2:55:15 e.t.; 2. Chaos, Jack Graham, Baltimore, 2:56:04 e.t.; 3. Finnegan's Wake, John O'Brien, Pasadena, 2:56:40 e.t.

J/29 (4 starters): 1. Mirage, Lewis/Salvesen, 3:29:37 e.t.; 2. The Fish, Lipshinn Synd., 3:31:40 e.t.

J/30 (14 starters): 1. Jackrabbit, CEJ Synd., Annapolis, 2:38:54 e.t.; 2. BeBop, Rutsch/Aras, Chevy Chase/Annapolis, 2:39:31 e.t.; 3. Better Mousetrap, Bob Putnam, Greenbelt, 2:41:39 e.t.

Pearson 30 (9 starters): 1. Constellation, Henry Starr, Silver Spring, 2:47:23 e.t.; 2. Conatus, Rick Warren, Annapolis, 2:49:10 e.t.; 3. Vahevala, David Sharp, Edgewater, 2:49:33 e.t.

Rainbow (4 starters): 1. Glass Harp, Robert Mewhinney, Annapolis, 3:02:03 e.t.; 2. Dragon Fly, William Sloan, (address unavailable), 3:28:39 e.t.

Triton (9 starters): 1. Pylasteki, Leb Brown, Silver Spring, 3:00:25 e.t.; 2. Moonraker, Thomas Kauffman, Arnold, 3:02:17 e.t.; 3. Inka, Hugh Kabler, Claiborne, 3:05:08 e.t.

MCYC Miles River Race Back

Sunday, May 30

MORC (9 starters/7 finishers): 1. Rude Awakening, Chuck O'Malley, Annapolis, 5:59:28 c.t.; 2. Stingray, Robert Muller, Annapolis, 6:00:11 c.t.; 3. Mirage, Lewis/Salvesen, 6:02:23 c.t.

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