Of Westminster, has served more than 13,000...


June 06, 1993

PAUL WINE, 90, of Westminster, has served more than 13,000 hours as a volunteer with the Carroll County General Hospital Auxiliary.

Mr. Wine served as a greeter, directing visitors and patients wherever they needed to go. He was one of several volunteers honored for long-term service at an appreciation dinner May 8.

Volunteers gave more than 31,000 hours of service to the hospital and its clients in 1992, said Phyllis Ullman, volunteer coordinator.

Organization's comments: Mr. Wine is "a dignified gentleman" and "the nicest little old fellow you'd ever want to meet," Ms. Ullman said.

Dale Middleton, vice president of Carroll County General, said, "A lot of people would ask him questions. . . . He's very, very personable."

Staff members know and love him, Mr. Middleton said. "He knows a lot of people because he's a lifelong resident of the community."

Volunteer's comments: "I meet people, and it's something to do," Mr. Wine said. "I made a lot of good friends."

A volunteer at the hospital for more than 22 years, Mr. Wine started working with the auxiliary after his sister-in-law, an auxiliary member, recommended he get involved. In those days, there were few male volunteers at the hospital.

After declining at first, he reconsidered when he found himself with time on his hands.

"I used to be a farmer, and I had quit farming," he said.

On his 90th birthday, friends at the hospital threw him a surprise party -- which he missed because friends at his church threw him a party at the same time, he said. He received 17 birthday cards from friends at the hospital, and 62 cards altogether.

Volunteer's background: Mr. Wine, a retired farmer, is an active member of Bixler's United Methodist Church.

He and his wife, Rosella, have five grandchildren.

To nominate a Volunteer of the Week, call 751-7900 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, or fax the office at 751-7916.

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