25 Years Ago* At the closing session on Sunday of a...


June 06, 1993

25 Years Ago

* At the closing session on Sunday of a three-day reunion commemorating the 300th anniversary of Adam Shipley's coming to Maryland from England, Mrs. S. J. Lester DuLaney, of Edenton, and Mrs. Marvin R. Shipley, of Annapolis, were cited by the Shipleys of Maryland for long-time service as family genealogists. The president, Dr. E. Roderick Shipley, of Hanover, spoke eloquently of their assiduous devotion for many years to the family of which they are members through marriage. -- Democratic Advocate, May 30, 1968.

50 Years Ago

* Our citizens were in an excited state Wednesday evening when an alarm was given that Harry Handleman, of New York, held for recent robberies of Times and Hull's Jewelry store, escaped jail after injuring Deputy Sheriff Crawmer. Deputy Crawmer was taking Handleman his supper when the prisoner was crouched behind the main door that leads to the cell. The only possible way for him to have gotten out of his cell was by picking the lock and then waiting for the main door to be opened; Crawmer put up a big fight, and even had placed him back in his cell, but Handleman had a sharp instrument and slashed Crawmer in the head, causing him to release his hold. He grabbed Crawmer's keys from his pocket, locking the deputy in the cell. The deputy's cries for mercy were heard by Mrs. Charles Conaway, the sheriff's wife, who went to investigate. He also grabbed and pushed her into a cell and locked it, so no alarm could be given. Before leaving, he searched the office for a gun but failing to find any, he tore the telephone wires and put on Crawmer's coat and left by the front entrance. -- Democratic Advocate, May 28, 1943.

Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

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