Name: Joann Miles of Woodbine, will turn 62...

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

June 06, 1993

Name: Joann Miles of Woodbine, will turn 62 tomorrow..

Hobbies and other activities: Mrs. Miles enjoys hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, crafts, gardening, singing in the church choir and is on the church Liturgy Committee. She volunteers two days a week at the Howard County General Hospital in the Emergency Room as a greeter and in the Volunteer Office. She is the treasurer of the Hospital Auxiliary and on several auxiliary committees.

Organization's Comments: "Joann is amazing!" "Even when she was in the hospital as a patient recently, she came to the volunteer office to see if there was anything she could do to help," said Debbie Daskaloff, director of volunteer services at the hospital. "So, we gave her envelopes to stuff back in her room. Joann regularly volunteers two days a week at the hospital, plus she helps organize fund-raising activities like the Fall Craft and Bake Sale. We don't know what we'd do without volunteers like Joann and her husband, Donald."

Volunteer's Comments: "I like to keep busy, and I enjoy talking to people and listening to their life experiences," said Mrs. Miles. "I guess that is why I volunteered at the hospital. I think it enhances our lives to stop awhile and listen to what other folks have to say. I also enjoy helping people in need."

About Mrs. Miles: She is from Ames, Iowa, but has lived in Woodbine since 1963. She has been married to Donald Miles for 41 years and has four children and four grandchildren, as well as two foster children and two grand-foster children. Mr. Miles also volunteers at the hospital and is the president of the auxiliary and on the board of trustees.

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