Night Train Is UnbearableMy complaint is about the freight...


June 06, 1993

Night Train Is Unbearable

My complaint is about the freight train that runs on the light rail tracks during the middle of the night. The noise this freight train makes is enough to wake the dead. . . .

Linthicum used to be a nice, quiet place to live but it isn't anymore. . . . We've never had to put up with having a loss of sleep night after night.

Years ago, this freight train ran during the day. That was fine, there were no problems and we all got our sleep. Now there is no set schedule. This freight train could come by and wake you up at 1:30 in the morning or 2:30 a.m. or 3:30 a.m. or 4:30 a.m. It also blows an extremely loud whistle before each road crossing. It sounds like the freight train is coming right through the middle of my house. My children are now falling asleep in school.

Are we to be subjected to this type of torture for the rest of our lives? Would you like to be woken in the middle of the night not only once but twice by an earth-shaking noise of this volume, squeaking wheels, screeching and squealing, dinging and banging, and four long blasts of this nightmarish whistle? . . .

plan to do whatever is necessary to change this because my children are the fourth generation of our family being raised in Linthicum and we plan to stay right here.

Teresa Proserpi


Teachers And The Presumption Of Innocence

I have just read about the charges made against Laurie Cook by one of her students. In every one of these situations, there is always one very major and devastating wrong that occurs that is never addressed: In this country, a person is "innocent until proven guilty."

I do not know Laurie Cook. I do not know if she is innocent or guilty. However, I do know she is innocent until proven guilty, and nothing to the contrary should be said or quoted against that legal position until the contrary is proven. . . .

I am stating this now for the specific benefit of Carolyn Roeding, president of the Anne Arundel County Council of PTAs. Her statement that "a 14-year-old boy would not make up such allegations" says several things:

* It implies guilt toward Laurie Cook and innocence toward the accusing student, none of which has been established yet.

* It proves her naivete when it comes to children. . . .

Now, I understand I could be doing the very thing to Carolyn Roeding I am crying out against. If the paper misquoted her, if she spoke under pressure or too fast, I apologize. We all make mistakes, and we may not think the same today as yesterday on any given topic. However, let us make our errors on the side of prudence and humanity. . . .

Mildred Carey


Please move Elise Armacost's column to the gossip section of your paper or at least tell her to write for the National Enquirer instead of tainting your paper's reputation for good journalism. How was it that you allowed her column to run May 23? Ms. Armacost is an editorial writer who should only express opinions, not make accusations.

Ms. Armacost writes that the only difference between the Northeast High teachers is that one admits his guilt while the other maintains her innocence. This implies that the woman must be lying. Isn't this slanderous? I am incensed that Ms. Armacost is adding to the hysteria. I am also amused by her shock that women . . . might really be capable of such behavior.

Sexual abuse of children is a heinous crime and I hope any guilty parties are locked up for life, but I have news for Elise. Unfortunately, women are capable of all the dark and destructive sides of the psyche that men are capable of.

I am most outraged by her last sentence, that our children can't trust (the adults) in the schools. I have more news for Elise: Children are quite capable of lying and manipulating other people, attributable to the basest of human behavior -- revenge. Even worse, they may lie for the thrill of jumping on the "bandwagon." It's getting to the point that the teachers don't know which children they can trust. . . .

Frances Windt


In reference to recent incidents at Northeast High School in Anne Arundel County, I feel that the media has a certain responsibility. Yes, it should report what is going on. No, reporters should not harass the students in their quest for news.

The local media should exercise some care in the way its information is gathered, and not lower itself to the cheap tabloid level of programs such as "A Current Affair" and "Geraldo!," which went out of their way to paint a false picture of rampant/random sex between students and teachers in a suburban high school. . . .

Do not judge the school and its students based on the actions of a few. Consider the academic accomplishments of its students and the many good teachers who really do care. The students of Northeast High School must be allowed to go on with their lives, to get the best education possible and to be able to be proud to say they go to Northeast High School.

Michael C. Gossman


As a parent, I am outraged regarding the articles about the teacher who blames the "system," while he was in a position of integrity and authority at a public school and has readily admitted guilt of sexually abusing students. . . .

I am a parent and the thought of anything as horrendous as this infuriates me. I cannot imagine what I would do if it were to happen to my children. . . .

I hope the lawyers who represent him can sleep well at night, happy with their compensation. I hope Ronald Price can sleep well at night after doing all those talk shows.

?3 As for me, as a mother, I do not sleep so well.

Virginia Grimaldi


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