Balkan Update

June 06, 1993

One of the U.N.-declared "safe havens" for Muslims came under heavy Bosnian Serb attack, blocking U.N. efforts to reach the city and mocking attempts to negotiate peace. A radio operator in embattled GORAZDE said more than 40 villages in the area have been destroyed in the Serbian offensive, which is apparently aimed at wiping out the last Muslim strongholds in eastern Bosnia.

In the northeastern BRCKO area, where the government forces hang on only to a few toeholds, both sides reported heavy fighting.

In central Bosnia, where Croat-Muslim fighting erupted in the TRAVNIK area, shooting and shelling continued past the scheduled start of a U.N.-mediated local cease-fire.

Four busloads of migrant workers and other civilians left the central Bosnian town of VITEZ under British military escort for TUZLA. The 95 workers, en route from Austria to Tuzla, were targeted by mortar rounds Friday while waiting at a Croat checkpoint outside Vitez, said U.N. officials. Two people died and 16 were wounded.

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