'Dialogue With Kathleen Turner'Wednesday at the Senator 0...


June 06, 1993|By J. Wynn Rousuck

'Dialogue With Kathleen Turner'Wednesday at the Senator 0) Theatre

The Baltimore Film Forum and the Senator Theatre will co-sponsor "A Dialogue With Kathleen Turner" in conjunction with the Maryland premiere of "House of Cards" at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the theater, 5904 York Road.

Directed by Michael Lessac and co-starring Tommy Lee Jones, "House of Cards" has been described as "perhaps the most striking of all the recent movies about childhood." After the screening there will be a question-and-answer period with Ms. Turner moderated by John Waters, who is currently directing the actress in his new film, "Serial Mom." Admission is $12 ($10 for Film Forum members). Proceeds benefit the Film Forum. Call (410) 323-1989.

@ Because so much of what is lumped in under the heading of New Age music is little more than atmospheric noodling, describing a New Age artist as a "composer" probably seems as needlessly inflated as calling the garbage man a "sanitation engineer."

But in the case of Yanni, the designation fits -- and not just because the Turkish-born multi-instrumentalist is touring with a 50-piece orchestra, either. At its best, Yanni's music has all the grandeur, drama and compositional integrity expected of orchestral music. It boasts a healthy dollop of melody as well, which might explain why Yanni is one of the few New Agers to breach the pop market.

Yanni's current tour, the Symphony Concert '93, arrives at Pier Six Concert Pavilion this evening. Tickets are $28.50 and $26.50 for reserved seating, $19.50 for the lawn.


J. D. Considine If tonight's Tony Awards telecast whets your interest in Tony Kushner's "Angels in America," you can learn more about this two-part, seven-hour epic drama on Great Performances' "In the Wings: Angels in America on Broadway," which airs at 10 p.m. Friday on Maryland Public Television (channels 22 and 67).

Besides taking viewers to production meetings and rehearsals, "In the Wings" uses actual news footage to illustrate "Angels' " diverse subject matter, which ranges from the McCarthy era to the Mormon Church to the AIDS epidemic. The program focuses on "Millennium Approaches," the play's first 3 1/2 -hour installment, currently on Broadway. However, a highlight is an examination of Part 2, "Perestroika," scheduled to open in New York in the fall.


J. Wynn Rousuck

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