Around the house* Before painting the outside of your...


June 05, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Before painting the outside of your house, consider the color of the roof and masonry. Make sure the paint you choose does not conflict with the style of your home or the other house exteriors in your neighborhood.

* When choosing a paint color for a particular room, choose a color one shade lighter than the paint chip because colors are darker when applied to the walls.

* Keep leftover vegetables in a plastic container in the freezer and add to it periodically. When the bowl is full, add to soups and casseroles.

* When cooking outdoors, partially cook chicken, steak or ribs in a microwave oven. Remove and place on outdoor grill for a few minutes. This will save time, especially when cooking for a crowd.

* Oil outside grill before using it for barbecue. The oil will prevent foods from sticking; cleanup will be easier.

* Check filters of room air conditioners at least once a month. If dirty, clean with mild soap and water. To save energy, remember to turn off unit whenever house is empty.

In the garden

* Fertilize plants and record the date on the fertilizer container so you will remember to feed flower beds, lawns and shrubs at correct time.

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