June 04, 1993

In articles March 4 and 5 about Daniel P. Henson III, Baltimore's new housing commissioner, The Evening Sun reported incorrectly that Struever Bros., Eccles & Rouse Inc. receives millions of dollars each year from the federal government in loans for housing projects.

In fact, the company has received $12.5 million in government loans since the early 1980s, most of which was awarded prior to the beginning of the Schmoke administration.

In addition, the Howard County edition of March 4 stated incorrectly that Struever Bros. was receiving more than half of the millions in Community Development Block Grant money being awarded to the city of Baltimore. In fact, the company has received only $305,000 over the past five years, of a total of $92 million awarded, according to the city Department of Housing and Community Development.

3' The Evening Sun regrets the errors.

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