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June 04, 1993

Moral Code

I would like to reply to Alan Kieffaber's hilariously illogical letter May 18 that attempts to portray Christianity and the Bible as "clearly stupid" and offensive to a "thinking mind."

Since this letter contained enough misinterpretations of Scripture to make David Koresh proud, someone should set the record straight.

Mr. Kieffaber argues that since condemnations of homosexual activity appear in the Old Testament laws and in the epistles of Paul in New Testament -- but not in the words of Jesus Christ in the Gospels -- "Christians" (followers of Christ) should regard only Jesus' words as authoritative.

He totally misses the boat. Jesus did not come to the earth to give a new moral code, or to set up a new system of government. Rather Jesus came and affirmed the moral code of the Old Testament: "Do not think I have come to abolish the Law . . . I have not come to abolish, but to fulfill." (Matt 5:17).

He then provided a way for us to be forgiven through his sacrifice and gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit, who would guide us and reveal to us further truths that Christ had not yet spoken of (John 16:12-15), which is where we get Paul's letters and the rest of the New Testament.

Mr. Kieffaber also states that "we almost totally disregard every other Levitical law and Pauline requisite surrounding the abomination passages" because they are, in his words, "clearly stupid" and "demeaning of women."

I don't know what translation he is reading, but the surrounding passages in Leviticus condemn adultery, incest and sex with animals, while the Pauline passages denounce thievery, greediness and slander.

How these passages "demean women" is anyone's guess.

I will give the author this much: Christians have been guilty of condemning homosexual sin to the exclusion of all other evils. In God's eyes, sin is sin, be it murder, adultery and homosexuality or cheating on your income tax.

Douglas Jolly


County Contributes

Barry Rascovar's column, May 23, painted a one-sided picture of Baltimore County's supposed lack of support for cultural institutions in Baltimore City.

It was totally unfair to those of us who live in Baltimore County and are already doing more than our fair share for the City of Baltimore. Here's why.

Baltimore County residents pay about $300 million more to the state of Maryland in sales taxes, individual income taxes, etc., than do the residents of Baltimore City.

In return for this, Baltimore City receives $547 million in state aid for fiscal 1993, while Baltimore County's share is only $247 million. That's a $600 million swing and is not quite starving the city.

Sure, the city needs help, but let's look at how their governmenspends money. Like $30 million more than the county for general government, and how the city payroll supports 7,000 more employees than Baltimore County.

Population is almost the same for both jurisdictions. As far as County Councilman Doug Riley is concerned, he's the guy who voted to increase our county taxes and fees by $40 million the past two years, including a 10 percent hike in the piggyback tax, something the city hasn't done.

Maybe he should be sitting on the Baltimore City Council instead. It would be more fitting for his liberal views.

Carol Shear


PC Architects

Shades of Ellsworth Toohey! Edward Gunts just doesn't get it.

The theme of Ayn Rand's novel "The Fountainhead" is the right of every person to maintain control of his work unless he voluntarily relinquishes part or all of that control.

For most of us, that translates into doing what our employers say in exchange for a salary or wages. For others, it may be the terms negotiated in a contract. For still others, like Howard Roark, the terms are take it or leave it.

That's it, Mr. Gunts. If you don't like an architect's work (or a writer's column), don't buy it.

Don't try to assert a right to change another person's work in the interest of political, environmental or any other correctness.

Only he or she can give you that right.

Roberta Rambol


Sign Up Now

For every person who advocates U.S. military intervention in what is left of Yugoslavia, I advocate that the taxpayers pay their way over there and supply them with guns and ammunition.

I wonder how many takers of this offer there will be when they have to do the fighting and dying.

Elaine Ross


Bigot's Rhetoric

In his May 23 letter, David Judd cites "factual observations" regarding Islamic states. The following are factual observations regarding Christian states and people:

* Minorities and non-whites are compelled to violently riot because of strongly perceived injustices and inequities in the existing judicial and social systems in the U.S., a Christian state.

* Women are statistically paid less than men, and a woman has never been president in the U.S., a Christian state, whereas, Pakistan, an Islamic state, has had a woman prime minister.

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